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California Native Wildflowers

Each print is individually made and signed at time of order.

Choose the flower(s) and note the print size(s) you want, add to Favorites and send to me.

Please include your mailing address and how soon you need your order. California addresses will have sales tax added.

$50.00 + shipping
5x5" image framed to 8x8" (3 days to make)

$80.00 + shipping
8x8" image framed to 12x12" (3 days to make)

$140.00 + shipping
14x14" Canvas/image (10-14 days to make)

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Mountain Pretty Face @ Table MountainMonkeyflower @ Table MountainGlassy Wild Hyacinth  @ Table MountainGlassy Wild HyacinthBird's Eye Gilia @ Table MountainDouglas Iris -Analog FilmSky LupineSky LupineSky LupineSky LupineBlue DicksManzanitaBlue DicksBlue DicksYellow Star TulipTiger LilyTiger LilyMountain Pretty FaceBird's Eye Gilia