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“…that’s me!” • A film about work, success, achievment, self-advocacy, and community inclusion.

“…that’s me” is a 13min short film using still photo portraits and audio interview portraits. It will be shown at the 2012 FOCUS Film Festival along with a gallery show of the still photo portraits. I've teamed up with our local NPR news director, Lorraine Dechter to do the audio interviews and CSUC film editor, Matthew Ritenour to put the pieces together.

The end project will be shown to parents, community members, people with disabilities, and service providers. My hope is that this film will offer a vision of hope, accomplishment, and a view of what is possible. After the festival it will be shown to teens with disabilities that are exiting school and entering the work place for the first time. The theme will be about work, success, achievement, self-advocacy, and community inclusion.

Mission Statement:

I've long been attracted to the quality of the human voice. As an avid NPR listener, especially radio programs such as This American Life, I strive to create productions that are of that caliber. By combining still photography and audio interviews, my project will allow the viewer to focus on the voice and message, limiting the visual distraction inherent in traditional video interviews. While my project also allows the photographs and audio interviews to be complete in their own right, combining them will create a more compelling and multifarious presentation. I produced and directed a self-funded project, Hope and Fear Portraits, Environmental Still Photo Portraits and Audio Interviews on the open Playa atBurning Man. This project brought together those elements into a compelling :45min video.