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Robyn • "Gifts"

Robyn • "Gifts"

“Gifts” is a 15min short documentary film about 5 developmentally disabled adults who are creative artists and very active in their local communities of Chico, CA.

Featured are:

Coby a conservation photographer, who loves photographing wildlife and wildflowers in the wild places around Northern California.

TJ a painter, ceramic artist and reptile breeder whose art illustrates his passion and connection toward reptiles.

David who creates intricate and extremely detailed block printing, pen and ink, and etchings often featuring animals and fantasy scenes.

Robyn and Misha who are actors and singers, and whose performances reach out to numerous elementary schools in the local area.

"Gifts" will premiere at the 2014 FOCUS Film Festival "Celebrating diversity and inclusion through film"

The Executive Producer, Far Northern Regional Center (a non-profit organization) is a fixed point of referral for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

FNRC also provides services to infants and toddlers (from birth to three years old) who are showing a delay in their development or who are at substantially high risk for a developmental disability.

FNRC coordinates community resources such as education, recreation, health, rehabilitation and welfare for individuals with developmental disabilities.

This will be my 3rd short documentary film for FNRC, my other films can be viewed here