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Little Chico Creek Elementary School

Little Chico Creek Elementary School

Solar Panels - Little Chico Creek Elementary School - Chico, CA - Daytime aerial architectural study.

Solar panels have been one of the ways local, national and international businesses have been "going green" in recent years.

Little Chico Creek Elementary School is not only generating clean, renewable electric power with their Solar Energy Project, they're also teaching our children, our future leaders, the benefits of clean, renewable energy sources. On their website for the Solar Energy Project students can track real-time the current amount and historical amount of power generaterated, as well the greenhouse gases avoided, since 14 June 2006. This is hands on, real world experience for our young.

This aerial image was made for Chico Electric Company in Chico, CA, to showcase their solar panel installation.

This is also one of my 3 images that will be included in the CSUC Museum of Antropology "Going Green" photo contest.