08•52 • bear for $20...

08•52 • bear for $20...

It took all week to come up with this photo. Yesterday I remembered the bear ransom note that our girls made in September 2010. At the time I took a photo of the ransom note. I went back into my archives and printed the photo of the ransom note Anna is holding. A trip to Costco today I discovered the 53" plush teddy bear and I knew the photo shoot was on!

Sadly, I became one of "those photogs" who buys a prop solely for the purpose of a Flickr photo.

I want to thank Stacie Barton for the inspiration for this photo. I "borrowed" the concept from a photo that she did that I love so much, here's the link to her version


MoPho Info:
Capture • DROID 3
Processing • Camera Zoom Fx

This American Life • Theme of the Week • MoPho Project 52 Weeks, creating 52 new images in 2012 for each week's TAL theme with the device I listen to the episodes on, Motorola Droid 3.

Each image for this project will be shot in 2012 and processed in phone with installed Apps. I then take it into Lightroom to add tags, title, caption and my watermark. So in essence each photo will be "straight out of camera phone" with no external image processing.
NOTE: For this image I increased the exposure by 1/2 stop in Lightroom.

#409 Held Hostage

Ira Glass speaks with a man named Daniel Johnson, who is in the K&R business. That's the kidnap and ransom business, where a company helps you negotiate to get back your loved one. Daniel explains some surprising strategies for surviving as a hostage. (6 minutes)"

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